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ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR Wednesday, 7/3/02

The following people have messages at Neihardt Desk: Melanie Wood, George Lee, Dan Stronger, and Kiran Kedlaya

Sadly, after being unable to tolerate the recent false announcements passed out by several French communists under the pretense of Chuck Straley, Zvezda has left MOP for the security of her California home, where she will avoid them until MOP is out.

Someone left his or her complete proof of the Goldbach Conjecture in the Yellow C room. Please see Chuck to get it back.

Paper airplanes with letters MOP inscribed on them have been spotted in multiple areas around campus. The locus of these spottings frighteningly resembles the letter pi, so we would like to remind you that it is absolutely forbidden, even on the 3rd, to approximate pi to 3. Furthermore, we ask that windows on Pound 14 remain closed at all times for fear of more dangerous projectiles.

It has been determined that there are far too many students at MOP. Red and Yellow groups losing the team contest tomorrow will therefore be moved to the football camp simultaneously conducted at UNL.

Fortunately, the 2002 IMO will be held in accordance to schedule due to financial assistance from new sponsors Macy's and Pizza Hut. However, due to requests from these sponsors, the content at the IMO has been altered to focus on basic arithmetic. We understand that the previous selection procedures have been inappropriate, and so we invite all Black, Blue and Red students to attend the arm wrestling contest tomorrow at 5:30 pm in the blue room to determine the team members.

There will be a MOP dance on Friday at 8 PM in Bessey 117. Only couples will be allowed to attend. You must dress formally.

Zuming is disappointed with the contest scores from yesterday, none of which broke 2 math points. In addition, it appears that one of the contest papers has e incorrectly written out to 765.9 digits. He has requested that we take a nine hour long contest today from 5 pm to 2 am, instead of the picnic, to prepare for the arm-wrestling selection test tomorrow.

MOP will be conducting a bring your parents to lunch day on Thursday, July 4th. Your parents will be offered free flights if they receive perfect scores on Zuming's upcoming test.

Today's duty team is:
Duty Supervisor: Po-Shen Loh
Piper 1-2 Dorm Monitor: Po-Shen Loh
Piper 3-4 Monitor Po-Shen Loh

Have a great day!

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