DICT/1.0 Title: MOP Dictionary Front: dictionary [aalii] \ah' lee\ n. ('00) A vowel-bearing tree. [Abbott scratch] \ab' et skrach'\ n. ('02) Ludicrously extensive scratch work turned in during the [ELMO]. [aerobie] \air oh' bee\ \air' oh bee\ n. ('00) A frisbee-like object, often thrown on inaccessibly high roofs. [Aleph-null] \a' lef nuhl'\ n. ('02) The cardinality of the set of Anders' [juggling] balls; known to be greater than or equal to 19, and, in fact, conjectured to be equal to 19. [all your] \ahl' yohr'\ base. ('01) Are belong to us. [AM-GM] \am' gam\ n. ('00, '02) abbr. The Arithmetic Mean-Geometric Mean inequality, a popular inequality used in [bunching]. n. ('00) abbr. All Girls, All Math, a group of hard-studying girls who do modular arithmetic (also: AG-AM). n. ('02) abbr. All Math, Guys Mostly (see: [MOP]). n. ('02) Obscure inequality stating that MOP > AG-AM. vt. ('00) To apply the AM-GM inequality. ant. ('00) [Cauchy]. [anagram tiles] \an' e gram' tilez'\ n. ('01) A set of scrabble tiles in which the second blank is an S. [Antarctica] \ant ark' tih kuh\ n. ('00) A southerly continent with no native population but two internationally competing math teams. [apple] \a' pel\ n. ('00) A thing to be counted in a problem of Gabe's lecture. n. ('01) A silver medal. [Axiom of Choice] \ak' see em ev chois'\ n. ('02) A diabolical device used in the torture of innocent spheres, capable of cutting up sets arbitrarily with no regard to their volume. [bagel man] \bay' gel man'\ n. ('01) A sessile, edible, humanoid life form. [banana] \be nan' e\ n. ('00) A brittle, green-brown object; air freshener; locus of spontaneous generation. n. ('00) A fruit that may be Jensened if held correctly. n. ('01) A gold medal. n. ('01) A device for enumerating certain functions defined on sets of lattice points. [base case] \bays' kays'\ n. ('02) Object that are all belong to us. [basically] \bay' sih ke lee\ \bay' sih klee\ interj. ('01) Signals the beginning of a proof. [bishop] \bihz' hahp\ n. ('00) A piece in the game of Bughouse that moves diagonally. [Bjorn's Theorem] \byohrnz' theer' em\ n. ('01) The projective dual of the inverse of the Mostly-Thick Circle Theorem. [Blazin™] \AAAAHHH!!!' wah' ter!!!\ adj. ('00) A deadly wing flavor. [Blidge] \blihj\ n. ('03) What Yan says to make fun of people playing a perfectly reasonable card game in Japan. n. ('03) The name for a 5-person Bridge game invented to make Yan shut up. [bonk] \bonk\ interj. ('01) Yeah. [booga booga] \boog' uh boog' uh\ n. ('00) Mao rule. Congruence modulo 5. [bostard] \bos' terd\ n. ('02) Taktin's name for Josh Lim, esp. in Diplomacy. n. ('02) Josh Lim's name for Taktin, esp. in Diplomacy. [bottle] \baht' el\ n. ('01) A finger trap. [Brianchon's Theorem] \bree an' chenz theer' em\ n. ('01) Projective dual of [Pascal's Theorem]. [brick] \brik\ punc. ('01) Separates two independent clauses in the game of Associations. [buffalo] \buf' e lo\ n. ('01) A large land mammal. vt. ('01) To intimidate, as in "buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo". [buffalo generating function] \buf' e lo jehn' e rait ing funk' shen\ n. The function b(x) = x(x2 - 1)2/(x2 + x - 1)2 = x + 2x2 + 3x3 + 6x4 + 11x5 + 20x6 + 36x7 + 64x8 + 113x9 + 198x10 + ..., which generates the number of possible interpretations of the sentence "buffalo buffalo ... buffalo" of length n. [buh-shi] \buh' shi'\ interj. ('01) Same thing as in English. [Bulgarian compass] \buhl gair' ee en kuhm' pes\ n. ('01) A compass, one of whose components is Bulgaria. [bunching] \bunch' eeng\ n. ('00) The process of massive [AM-GM]. syn. ('00) [Donkey bunching]. [Buniakovski] \boo nee uh kahv' skee\ \boo nuh kow' skee\ n. ('01) The Romanian name for [Cauchy]. [busy beaver] \bihz' ee bee' ver\ n. ('01) An active member of the genus Castor. n. ('01) A function from N to N that grows ludicrously fast. [button] \buht' en\ n. ('01) Push my [brick] halibut injure. [Calimass] \kal' i mass'\ n. ('01) A US state that borders both the Pacific coast and the Atlantic coast; noted for its disproportionate population of MOPpers. [Candyland] \kan' dee land'\ n. ('00) The residence of Mr. Fat, Mr. Taf, and Mr. =), filled with painted sidewalks, candy bars, dried fruit, and positive integers. n. ('00) The residence of Tiankai (who's been abducted by Zuming!!!), Philips Exeter Academy. [catf***er] \kat' f*** er\ n. ('00) The lowest rank in Capitalism; a conscientious objector to the conservatism of the social order. n. ('00) One who practices a particularly straining form of animal husbandry. [Cauchy] \koh' shee\ n. ('00) The Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. n. ('00) A god worshipped by Yan. vt. ('00) To apply the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. ant. ('00) [AM-GM]. [chalkboard] \chok' bohrd\ n. ('01) A vehicle for random scribblings. (See also: [whiteboard].) [Chess] \ches\ n. ('00) A variant of Ping where certain moves are illegal. n. ('01) A variant of Quantum Chess in which pieces are only allowed to be on one square at a time. n. ('01) A variant of Atomic Chess in which the level of violence is reduced. [C'hi] \chh hee'\ \see' high'\ interj. ('00) An exclamation of the joy of Lawrence Detlor in 1998. interj. ('00) An exclamation of the joy of the Lawrence Detlor-Austin Shapiro construct, for as long as it lasts. syn. ('00) [W'hu]. ant. ('00) [D'oh]. [circular definition] \sir' kue ler def' i nish' en\ n. ('00) See: [circular definition]. [clay] \klai\ n. ('01) A prize awarded to acknowledge creative scratchwork. [clubs] \harts\ n.pl. ('00) Hearts. [complex conjugate roots] \kom' plehks kon' je get roots'\ n.pl. ('01) A pair of hot dates, one of each gender. [computer lab] \kem pyoo' ter lab'\ n. ('02) A facility whose real purpose is entirely misunderstood by the UNL staff. [consult] \ken sult'\ vt. ('01) To receive advice on a [MOP Test] write-up. vt. ('01) To give advice on a [MOP Test] write-up. [Corollary to the Square Table Theorem] n. ('02) Theorem that states: You don't need food. (See: [Square Table Theorem].) [cubic interpolation] \kyoo' bihk ihn ter' pe lay' shen\ n. ('02) A method utterly unsuitable for the determination of elevator floor numbers. [cucumber] \kyoo' kuhm ber\ n. ('00) Best pagan god, after Anders. [curfew] \ker' fyoo\ ?. ('00) Definition unknown; some MOPpers have a recollection of a relation between this, going to sleep and Zuming. [cushion] \cush' en\ n. ('00) A part of a couch to sit on. n. ('00) An ineffective weapon. n. ('00) See: [pillow]. [cwm] \koom\ n. ('01) A geological formation noted for sparsity of vowels. [Dalles] \dalez\ n. ('00) Place. River rapids. n. ('00) A word search game invented at MOP and named after the most interesting word formed during trial runs. [Danandron] \dan ahn' dren\ n. ('03) A triexistant entity composed of Daniel, Anders, and Aaron. [death] \dehth\ n. ('02) Tiankai's final source of pleasure, which (like the primary and secondary) will hopefully occur while sleeping. See also: [sex], [math]. [dictionary] \dihk' she nair' ee\ n. ('01) A random collection of inside jokes. [differential equations] \dif' e rehn' shel e kway' zhens\ n. ('01) A math course slightly higher than Algebra I. [dildo] \dihl' doh\ n. ('00) Friendly, non-carbon-based life. [Diplomachess] \di plo' me ches'\ n. ('00) A game winnable by Dani Kane. (also: Amazons) [diwide] \di wide'\ n. ('01) To [murderply] by a reciprocal. [duct tape] \duhkt' taip\ n. ('00) A weapon of real (or imaginary) pranks. [dude] \dood\ n. ('00) Personification of an area. n., pron., vt., adj., interj. ('02) The most versatile word in the teenage male's vocabulary. [dude theory] \dood' theer' ee\ n. ('00) A theory of areas. [duh] \duh\ pron. ('01) The unsurprising winner of a competition. [dumbass] \duhm' as\ n. ('00) A method from Kiran's lecture used for solving inequalities (comes with lifetime guarantee). n. ('00) Idiot. n. ('00) A person who chooses to utilize a time-consuming yet trusty method to solve a mathematical exercise, in lieu of a more inspired yet much better concealed method. n. ('01) A state of mind often entered by problem solvers. n. ('02) A method that does not work on certain evil inequalities of high degree, in spite of Kiran's lifetime guarantee. ant. ('00) [smartass]. [dysfunctional equation] \dis funk' shen el e kway' zhen\ n. ('01) A functional equation with no solutions. [Dyslexia] \dihs lehk' see e\ n. ('01) A small country, led by a gerbil, which nonetheless won the [ELMO]. [elevator] \ehl' e vay ter\ n. ('00) A place for playing Molecule. [Eleventh Commandment] \e lehv' enth ke mand' ment\ n. ('02) The First Commandment mod 10. n. ('02) "Thou shalt not have two arrows pointing to the same number." [eleventh floor] \e lehv' enth flor'\ n. ('02) An extension of the girls' bathroom containing the entire female population of MOP. [ELMO] \el' moh\ n. ('00) abbr. Easy Little Math Olympiad, Ex-experimental Lincoln Math Olympiad, etc. n. ('00) A cute, fuzzy, lovable, red Sesame Street character. n. ('02) abbr. Extremely Last-Minute Olympiad. [EOP] n. ('00) abbr. End of proof. n. ('00) An end of proof symbol. [fake announcements] \fayk e nouns' ments\ n.pl. ('02) Accounts of the goings-on at MOP that, although fictional, still give a better idea of the atmosphere at MOP than the real announcements do. [Fantasy Game] \fan' te see gaym'\ n. ('02) An exercise in which the supreme weirdness that abides in the minds of MOPpers is fully revealed. [father] \fah' ther\ n. ('02) See: [Chuck]. syn. ('02) [mother]. [Fergie] \fer' gee\ n. ('02) Jason Ferguson. n. ('02) An act of stupidity above and beyond the call of duty; usually committed by Jason Ferguson. [Fermat] \fer mah'\ \fer' met\ n. ('00) Either the little creator of theorems (see: [Titu]) or the creator of little theorems. [field] \feeld\ n. ('02) A place where agents may be compromised. [First Corollary to the Round Table Theorem] n. ('02) Theorem that states: If there are n trays at a round table and [Riz]/e starts reciting the [Sarah Dessert], there will soon be n - many. (See: [Round Table Theorem].) [foolproof] \fool' proof\ adj. ('01) Unable to be broken by fools. [Foosball] \fooz' bahl\ n. ('00) A game in the Selleck Mushroom that Dave Shin loves to play. (See: [mad skillz].) n. ('00) A game in the Selleck Mushroom that kills your hands when you lift up the table to get the foosballs back. [fornicate] \fohr' ni kayt\ vi. ('00) To type (darn auto-correct). vi. ('00) To sit. vi. ('00) To speak. (The last one in particular may cause a lot of trouble for unwitting Word users... imagine a guy giving a talk at a convention starting off with "The reason why I've come to fornicate to you today is...") [frisbee] \frihz' bee\ n. ('01) Second avatar of Mike Hamburg; carried Dan Jerison to the south pole. [gastropod] \gas' tre pod\ n. ('00) Gabriel. n. ('00) A snail or slug. [George's Maneuver] \jorj' ez me noo' ver\ n. ('01) A [shrotum] that looks like a zoom. [God] \god\ n. ('01) A nonexistent entity in Silent Football. n. ('01) Something Anders never pokes for a scare. n. ('01) The rule-maker in Eleusis. [Harry's Shoes] \hair' eez shooz'\ n. ('01) A store with which Lawrence Detlor has no connection. [hazardousness] \haz' er des ness\ n. ('01) A function from the set of all strings on an alphabet of 3 letters to the positive reals. [hegemonious] \heh ge mon' ee us\ adj. ('00) Habitating the huger of two homogeneous hordes; hence, having hegemony; in particular: unbalanced two-to-one, as when two of three binary strings contain a 0 or 1 in some digit, but the third string does not. (From a MOP [homework] problem.) [Hilbert's Theorem] \hil' bertz theer' em\ n. ('01) A simple corollary to Hildegard's Theorem; like Hildegard's Theorem, often useful when nothing else seems to work. [hole] \hohl\ n. ('01) A container for a pigeon. [homework] \hohm' werk\ n. ('02) Obsolete; see: [team contest]. [hoMOPpety] \he mop' e tee\ n. ('00) The application of a [homothety] to the word "MOP". [homothety] \he moth' e tee\ n. ('00) A size change about a point. [horse] \hors\ n. ('00) White powder distributed in Zip-loc baggies and "used" (esp. by Luke) in the laundry rooms. n. ('00) See: [knight]. [I] \eye\ pron. ('02) 2·[Riz]/p. pron. ('02) [Riz]/e. [idiot] \id' ee et\ n. ('01) An ingenious person who carries around infinitely many tools. [Inna's room] \ee' nuhz room'\ n. ('01) The natural habitat of Neil. [insane ordering] \ihn sain' or' der eeng\ n. ('03) The tabulation of a peer pressure position obtained by listing the owners of the cards in ascending order. [invert] \ihn vert'\ vi., vt. ('00) To turn a Cartesian plane inside out; a useful method for solving circular geometry exercises or catching Tiankais. [Ireland] \eyer' lend\ n. ('00) A wellspring of risible trivialities. [isosceles] \eye sos' e leez\ adj. ('00) Having two equal edges; a strict generalization of "triangular". [jaywalking] \jay' wok' eeng\ n. ('02) Susan B. Anthony's anti-drug. n. ('02) The activity that Chuck is most likely to do. [josh] \josh\ vt. ('00) To tease. [juggling] \juhg' gleeng\ n. ('02) The art of throwing balls in the air over and over without dropping any. [kamalshallow] \kahm' el shal oh\ adj. ('00) Not kamaldeep. [knight] \ke nihg' et\ n. ('00) A piece in the game of Bughouse that moves two squares forward and one square sideways. [Lagrange multipliers] \le grahnj' mer' de ply' ers\ n. ('00) A method of brute force for constrained inequalities. [laptop] \lap' top\ n. ('01) A nonexistent entity on which one cannot play games. [learn] \lurn\ vt. ('03) To assimilate information into Mathematica. [Licky] \lihk' ee\ n. ('02) Alternative proposed name for [Riz]; it was decided that "Riz" was the better name. [like] \like\ interj. ('02) Peanut butter. [Lorentz] \lohr' ents\ n. ('01) Guide for the Netherlands at IMO 2001. [mafe] \mayf\ vi. ('00) To engage in boneheaded persecution of innocents. [Mafiotic] \me faht' ihk\ adj. ('00) Of a townsperson or police inspector, behaving in the manner of the Mafia. adj. ('00) Failed attempt at the adjective form of "mafia." Deprecated; see: [mafious]. [mafious] \mah' fee es\ adj. ('00) Mafia-like. [majorize] \may' jer ize\ vt. ('00) To have the same sum but larger partial sums in comparison with another series. vt. ('00) To overpower. [math] \math\ n. ('01) Tiankai's secondary source of pleasure, which (like the primary) occurs while sleeping. See also: [sex], [death]. [metanonexistent] \meh' te non ihg zis' tent\ adj. ('01) Fictional in the context of an already nonexistent universe. [mind-melting] \mined' mehlt' eeng\ adj. ('00) Of a card game, demanding lightning reflexes, and unwinnable by MOPpers in competition with AG-AM. [MOK] \mok'\ n. ('01) A summer program at which everything is mocked. [Molecule] \mol' e kyool'\ n. ('02) A rave performed to elevator music while high on [math] or [Mountain Dew]. [Mongolia] \mon gohl' ee uh\ n. ('00) The country where the cancellation of the IMO instilled fear into companies and forced them to give Kiran money for IMO 2001. [Mongoliastan] \mon goh' lee e stan'\ n. ('02) A winner of the Color Country game. [MOP Test] \mop' test\ n. ('00) Melanie's primary source of sleep. n. ('01) A variant of Mao in which one is allowed to ask questions for the first half hour. [MOPer] \mohp' er\ n. ('02) One who mopes. [MOPper] \mop' er\ n. ('00) A participant in the Math Olympiad Program. Despite its simplicity, this word is often misspelled; see: [MOSPer], [MOPer], [MOPster]. [MOPster] \mop' ster\ n. ('02) (Vulgar slang) A highly insulting epithet for the participants of MOP. [Morley triangle] \mohr' lee try' ayng gel\ n. ('00) Order sprung from chaos; proof of the existence of the universe and the existence of art. [MOSK] \mosk\ n. ('01) The official (but incorrect) name for [MOK]. [mosp] \mosp\ n. ('00) A cross between a moth and a wasp. [MOSP] n. ('02) abbr. Math Olympiad Stalker Program. [mosper] \mosp' er\ n. ('03) One who hunts [mosp]s. [MOSPer] \mosp' er\ n. ('02) Oh, please. [mother] \muhth' er\ n. ('02) See: [Chuck]. syn. ('02) [father]. [motivate] \moh' te vayt\ vt. ('00) To equip with an anthropomorphism of the Creation. [Mountain Dew] \moun' ten doo'\ n. ('02) The "Good Stuff"; the only substance on which Toto will ever get high. [Mr. Dictator] \mihs' ter dihk' tay ter\ \mihs' ter rihch' erd spuhd'\ n. ('00) The leader of a silent football game. n. ('00) See: [Zuming]. [msb] \msbuser\ n. ('01) The god of computer access. [muffin man] \muhf' ihn man'\ n. ('01) A hot date who lives on Drury lane and is claimed by some (e.g. Inna) to be less well known than [complex conjugate roots]. [murderply] \muhr' der ply'\ vt. ('00) To multiply. vt. ('00) To murder. [nar] \nahr\ n. ('00) A really bad joke. n. ('00) A screw-up. n. ('00) Augmentation by three. vi. ('00) To perform a screw-up. interj. ('00) Exclamation of glee, due to augmentation by three. [narc] \nahrk\ n. ('00) One whose interests run counter to the design of Mischief; esp. (presumably) a hostile invader from the Neihardt front desk. [nice] \nise\ adj. ('00) Austinglish for "awesome". adj. ('00) New and refreshing, as when n girls trade lots of Pokeballs in IMO shortlist problems and every girl gets a different one from the one she started with. ant. ('00) [tiresome]. [nneerrr] \nneerrr\ interj. ('00) Originally a set of ghost letters. [nuclear launch] \noo' klee er launch'\ \noo' kyoo ler launch'\ n. ('00) A three term arithmetic sequence. [obviosity] \ob vee ahs' ih tee\ n. ('01) A trivial assertion, esp. one incorrectly labeled as a theorem. [obviousland] \ob' vee es land\ n. ('00) A place where everything can be done without proof. ant. ('00) [Turkey]. [orange] \ohr' ihnj\ n. ('00) A pair of [pear]s; equivalently, a group of four [apple]s. n. ('01) A bronze medal. n. ('01) A bowling ball. n. ('01) A bowling pin. n., adj. ('00) The color of Oaz. n., adj. ('00) The color of Oaz's hair once. n., adj. ('00) The color of Oaz's sister's hair now. [pear] \pair\ n. ('00) A pair of [apple]s. [paper dart] \pay' per dart'\ n. ('02) A conical projectile made of wood pulp, which is blown through a tube at a sheet of paper to determine the weirdness of various IMO team members. [Pascal's Theorem] \pa skalz' theer' em\ n. ('01) Projective dual of [Brianchon's Theorem]. [Pell equation] \pehl' e kway' zhen\ n. ('01) A Diophantine equation that is not of the form x2 = 5y2 + 4. [pepper] \pehp' er\ n. A stimulant that, when ingested, impedes one's ability to play Erf. [Pi] \pye\ n. ('00) The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter; approx. 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510. n. ('00) The Greek letter p. [Pikachu] \peek' e choo\ n. ('00) AAAAAAHHH!!! [poetry] \poh' ih tree\ n.pl. ('02) Writings suitable for reciting while [juggling]. [Popoviciu] \poh poh vee' choo\ n. ('01) An inequality used in the manufacture of popcorn. vt. ('01) Something that people who know they're MOPpers do. [pork] \pohrk\ n. ('00) A pawn behaving like a rook in a game of Proxy Chess. [porve] \porv\ vt. ('00) [Zuminglish] for prove. vt. ('01) To prove using murderplication (see: [murderply]). [primitive root] \prihm' ih tihv root'\ n. ('00) Adam of the reduced residue class; object of the clergy's science and the laity's faith. [pronoun] \proh' nown\ n. ('00) A heinous part of speech. [pseudovet] \soo' doh veht\ n. ('03) A MOPper in 2003 who was in the Red or Yellow group in 2002. [public announcement] \puhb' lihk e nowns' ment\ n. ('00) A speech by Yan, esp. "WHAZZUP!?". [push-up] \push' uhp\ n. ('01) A unit of gambling currency. n. ('01) 1/15 of a hint. n. ('02) A penalty for incorrect proofs that increases exponentially. [quagga] \kwahg' e\ n. ('01) An extinct horse-like mammal with stripes on half of its body. [rat screw] \rat' skroo\ n. ('00) Hand screw. [redundant] \ree duhn' dent\ adj. ('00) See: [redundant]. See: [redundant]. See: [Dani]. [regent] \ree' jent\ n. ('01) One who exercises dictatorial powers during the absence of the customary dictator (see: [Mr. Dictator]). [Riemann Chess] \ree' mahn ches'\ n. ('01) A variant of [Chess] in which one must prove the [Riemann Hypothesis] before moving. [Riemann Hypothesis] \ree' mahn hye poth' e sihs\ n. ('01) A calculus problem rejected for use on the rookie [team contest]. [Riz] \rihz\ n. ('02) A bisexual coexistent entity consisting of Riz/e (Liz Marcil) and 2·Riz/p (Ricky Biggs) that creates great difficulty with [pronoun] usage (see: [Rizself]). [Rizself] \rihz self'\ pron. ('02) Reflexive [pronoun] for [Riz]. [Round Table Theorem] n. ('00) Whenever n trays are placed on a round table in the Selleck dining hall, there's always room for n + 1. (See also: [First Corollary to the Round Table Theorem], [Second Corollary to the Round Table Theorem], [Square Table Theorem].) [runza] \ruhn' za\ n. ('00) A type of rolled sandwich-like dumpling, endemic to Nebraska, whose contents are unknown yet appetizing. [Sarah Dessert] \sair' e de zert'\ n. ('02) A place inhabited by mummies who travel by Camelot. [schoolwork] \skool' werk\ n. ('01) An article that may not be transported into Lincoln. [scissors] \skiz' ers\ n. ('00) Implement of psychological torture. (cf. cigar) [Second Corollary to the Round Table Theorem] n. ('02) Theorem that states: If there are n people at a round table, k of whom are males who ate dinner with Max Rosmarin on Saturday June 22, and Max comes to the table, there will soon be n - k + 1 (the 1 is Max). (See: [Round Table Theorem].) [sex] \sex\ n. ('01) Tiankai's primary source of pleasure. See also: [math], [death]. [shame] \shaym\ n. ('01) A math competition that dyslexics take in Febraury. [shoes] \shooz\ n.pl. ('00) Has anyone seen mine?! —JB n.pl. ('00) Ping-pong paddles. n.pl. ('00) Really, has anyone seen my shoes?! [shrotum] \shroh tem\ n., interj. ('00) An exclamation of unaccountability. [Simson] \sihm' sen\ n. ('00) See: [Simson line]. n. ('00) See: [W'hu]. [Simson line] \sim' sen line\ n. ('00) See: [W'hu]. [sketchy] \sketch' ee\ adj. ('00) Questionable; unscrupulous; titillating. [Smash Bros. tournament] n. ('02) Totally unorganized thing of infinite duration. syn. ('02) [Mario Tennis tournament]. [smiley] \:-)\ n. ('00) Josh's mascot. n. ('02) [Riz]/e's boyfriend. [smoothing] \smooth' eeng\ n. ('00) The process of using Jensen's inequality. [Spannsifer] \span' se fer\ n. ('02) A coexistent entity consisting of Andrew Spann and Eric Stansifer. [spoodle] \spoon' del\ n. ('00) A spoonlike serving utensil. n. ('00) A unit of dry measure equal to the volume of such a utensil. [Square Table Theorem] n. ('02) Theorem that states: You don't need trays. (See also: [Corollary to the Square Table Theorem], [Round Table Theorem].) [starpatchies] \stahr' pach' eez\ n. ('01) A hapless victim of a case of mistaken identities. [super magic box] \soo' per maj' ik box'\ n. ('01) A technique that would solve [Pell equation]s if anyone could remember how to use it. [SYD] n. ('00) abbr. [Dyslexia]. [table] \tay' bel\ n. ('00) A MOPper habitat with an arbitrarily large carrying capacity. (See: [Round Table Theorem].) n. ('02) A subset of the plane, to be tiled with as many trays as possible. n. ('02) A place where male MOPpers do not want to eat dinner with Max Rosmarin. (See: [Second Corollary to the Round Table Theorem].) [team contest] \teem' kon' test\ n. ('02) The reason why nobody did their [homework]. [thank you] \thank' yoo\ interj. ('01) A heinous Silent Football expression. interj. ('01) Please stop giving me penalty cards! [TI-92] \tee' eye' nine' tee too'\ n. ('01) A Turing-machine emulator. [tiankai] \tee an' kye\ adj. ('02) Everyone's favorite wing flavor. [Tigger] \tihg' er\ n. ('00) Hostage of [AM-GM] girl. n. ('00) There's only one. [Titu] \tee' too\ n. ('00) The leader of MOP and the IMO team. n. ('00) A lecturer who coincidentally happens to be the leader of MOP and the IMO team. [Titu Andreescu] \tee' too on dreh ehs' koo\ \tee' too an jrehs' koo\ n. ('00) I don't know what it is but you better Run, it educates! (Anagrammatic thanks to Mike Khoury on this one.) [Torricelli's Meanness Principle] n. ('01) States that one must be alive in order to be mean. [trig] \treeg\ n. ('00) abbr. Trigonometry. n. ('02) Something that should be moved. For great justice. [trivial board game] \trihv' ee el bohrd' gaim'\ n. ('03) A game that is played on a trivial board, e.g. [Chess]. [vámonos] \vah' mo nos\ interj. ('01) Lunchtime! [Virgimass] \ver' jih mass'\ n. ('02) [Riz]'s home state. [water balloon] \wo' ter be loon'\ n. ('02) Instrument in Toto's devious plan to soak Pinyan; the plan was secretly approved by Chuck. n. ('02) Item of which Alex Schwendner claimed to have 100; promptly sold out at the campus store as a result. n. ('02) Instrument of Chuck's doom in the hands of Luke on the last day of MOP. [West Virginia] \weeeeeeeaaaast' verrrr' jihn' ye'\ n. ('02) Origin of Chuck. syn. ('02) [Hicksville]. [whiteboard] \wite' bord\ n. ('02) A convenience that UNL has provided for doodling; unfortunately, unaccompanied by a sufficient supply of markers. (See also: [chalkboard].) [W'hu] \we hoo'\ interj. ('00) What could potentially have been an exclamation of the joy of Homer, had spelling been ever so slightly different. Known as the "[Simson line]". syn. ('00) [C'hi]. ant. ('00) [D'oh]. [wombat] \wom' bat\ n. ('00) A creature that is always coming but never comes when spades are played in Mao. [WOP] \wwwwahp'\ n. ('01) Well-Ordering Principle. n. ('01) Winter Olympiad Program. n. ('01) The co-coolest thing ever, tied with [math]. [wye] \wye\ n. ('01) The letter Y. n. ('01) A point in the complex plane equal to Lawrence and Austin. [X-rated] \ehks' rayt ed\ adj. ('02) Tiankai bait. [yay] \yay\ interj. ('00) An exclamation said by Yan when [Cauchy] is good to him. interj. ('00) Mao rule. A prime number. [Yensen's inequality] \yehn' senz ihn' e kwahl' ih tee\ n. ('01) The same thing as Jensen's inequality. [your mom] \yohr mahm'\ interj. ('01) A device for filling conversational voids. See also: [dude], [like]. [Zagnut] \zag' nuht\ n. ('00) A socially mobilizing, albeit non-alcoholic, confection. [zed] \zehd\ n. ('01) The last letter of the British alphabet. n. ('02) A letter of the alphabet that no Canadian can resist saying. [zero ring] \zeer' oh reeng\ n. ('00) The ring consisting of 0 (i.e. {0}). n. ('00) A place. n. ('00) A paradox. [zeta duck] \zay' te duhk'\ n. ('01) An example of convergent evolution between waterfowl and Greek letters. [Zum room] \zoom' room\ n. ('00) Zuming's room. [Zumbot] \zoom' bot\ n. ('00) One of the many evil clones of Zuming. n. ('00) Mao rule. A proper divisor. [Zumbug] \zoom' buhg\ n. ('00) Effigy of [Zumbot], burned in the courtyard on the last night of MOP. [Zuminglish] \zoom' eeng glihsh\ n. ('00) Language spoken by Zuming.