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MOP 2002 Hall of Fame Awards

IMO Team 2002: Tiankai Liu, Po-Ru Loh, Daniel Kane, Anders Kaseorg, Alison Miller, Jeff Snow
Runners-up: Po-Shen Loh, Po-Ling Loh
Coolest Rookie: Me
Runners-up: James Albrecht, Pie Guy
Nicest: Po-Shen Loh
Best Lecturer: Po-Shen Loh
Runner-up: Walter Stromquist
Best Board Game: Bughouse
Best Card Game: Bridge
Most Modest: Tongke Xue, Tiankai Liu, Hyunsoo Kim
Least Modest: Gene Kim
Best Computer Lab: Selleck
Best Sport: Ultimate
Best Way to Spend Weekends: Sleep
Best Soccer Player: Andrei Jorza
Runners-up: Mihai Manea, Jongmin Baek
Best Ultimate Player: Stephen Wang
Runner-up: David Vincent
Best Test: Team Contest
Best Mafia Player: Davy Kim
Worst Mafia Player: Mitka Vaintrob
Best Juggler: Anders Kaseorg
Most Quotable: Zuming Feng
Runner-up: Tony Zhang
Funniest: Po-Shen Loh
Best Anagrams Player: Gabriel Carroll
Best Geometric Transformation: Inversion
Runner-up: Brutal Force
Best Inequality Technique: Dumbass
Runner-up: Obviousity
Best Inequality: Trivial Inequality
Most Evil Grader: Mihai Manea
Most Evil Student: Jeff Snow
Pie Guy Election: Pie Guy
Most Wasteful Use of Higher Math: Mike Hamburg
Coolest Value of e: 2(1-1/p)-1
Best End-of-Proof Symbol: Square
Runners-up: Gastropod, Q.E.D.
Best Pronunciation: Murderply
Best Theorem: Round Table Theorem
Runner-up: Big Point Theorem
Best Write-Up Threat: "I will unleash the wrath of the divine bovine upon you"
MOPpers' Worst Nightmare: Zuming Feng
Best Prank: Fake Announcements
Best Wing Flavor: Tiankai
Best Concurrent Camp: AG-AM
Best Accent: Gregory Galperin
Most Annoying Computer Game: Warcraft III
Runner-up: Slime Soccer
Most Orthogonal: Yian * i = -Yan
Loudest: Jon Pinyan
Inseparable: NeilandInna
What is Coca-Cola?: Soda
Runner-up: Pop
Messiest Room: Stephen Wang
Runners-up: Stephen Wang, Stephen Wang
Worst Roommate Pairing: Jeff Snow / Samuel Hughes
Most Likely to Win a Darwin Award: Mitka Vaintrob
Runner-up: Jason Ferguson
Most Likely to End Up in the Dog Pound -- Or Jail: Jeffrey "Toto" Amos
Most Likely to Jaywalk: Chuck Straley
Runner-up: Titu Andreescu
Least Likely to Do Homework: Dan Walker
Best Po: tie: Po-Shen Loh, Po-Ru Loh, Po-Ling Loh
Best Floor for Laundry: Pound 8
Most Omnipresent: Chuck Straley
Runner-up: Zuming Feng
Most Anonymous: Steve Byrnes
Best Nickname: Toto
Worst Crime: Jaywalking
Runner-up: Late write-ups
Worst Geographical Location: Nebraska
Best Mom: Chuck Straley
Runner-up: Reid's Mom
Best Award: Worst Award
Worst Award: Best Award
Vote Pie Guy: Yes

Prepared by Rocco Repetski and Brian Jacokes

This website is maintained by Anders Kaseorg.