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MOP 2004 Quotes

“Video games are just geometric transformations. When the people move, that’s translation. When Super Mario eats a mushroom, that’s dilation.”
Tony Zhang
“Hello. I am Kiran, and this is Kedlaya. We won’t be teaching combinatorics today.”
Po-Ru Loh, as he and Greg Price walk in to the classroom where Kiran is scheduled to lecture
Po-Shen Loh: “How big is your [Marriage Lemma] list?”
Jae Bae: “Ohhh, it’s big! I’m such a player!”
Hyun-Soo Kim: “Except it’s not bipartite.”
“You have no chance to survive make your time! Come on, solve this problem!”
Po-Shen Loh
Po-Shen Loh: “You could make an (∞ - 1)-matrix.”
Thomas Belulovich: “(∞ - 1)…that’s like…really big!”
“Well, in my class, we spell ‘pwn’ like this: p-e-r-j-o-n-k-l-e-r-s.”
Sherry Gong
“Are you making progress on these problems? Or are you making Congress?”
Zuming Feng
Chuck Straley: “Hyun-Soo, I give you permission to pour as much water over Jae as you want in order to wake him up.”
Zuming Feng: “You can borrow my baseball bat.”
“Poor gerbil running that car!”
Thomas Mildorf, watching a car screech across the intersection at 10 mph
Arnav Tripathy: “Can you multiply 390?”
Po-Shen Loh: “No, but my calculator can!”
“Hmm…what do I have to prove…lines a, b, c, d are concurrent? OK. I will attempt to prove this using transitivity.”
John Kim, during a team contest.
“Quick! Bring a straightjacket!”
Thomas Mildorf, as Brian Rice walks by
Jae Bae: “Is #11 supposed to be an instead of an+1?”
Chris Juell: “No, it’s an+1.”
[several minutes pass; Jae asks about other typos]
Jae Bae: “Are you sure it isn’t supposed to be 1 minus…”
Thomas Belulovich: “Jae, stop fishing for typos.”
“There are (# of pages you wrote) kinds of mathematicians—those who can count and those who cannot.”
Inna Zakharevich writing on Oleg Rudenko’s MOP test, which said “Page 1/3” even though there were only two pages
“Ohhh, the explicit formula is so explicit!”
Jae Bae, solving the recurrence a1 = 1, a2 = 2, a3 = 24, an = (6an-12an-3 - 8an-1an-22)/(an-2an-3)
Thomas Mildorf: “I can’t add.”
Oleg Rudenko: “But can you murderply?”
Tony Zhang: [8:15] “It is Fibonacci.…By induction it’s Fibonacci numbers.”
Tony Zhang: [8:16] “I’m telling you.”
Tony Zhang: [8:17] [silent]
Tony Zhang: [8:18] “Shit.” “Oh shit.”
on the Towers of Hanoi problem
“The Rational Root Theorem?…Is there such a theorem?”
Tony Zhang
Tony Zhang: “Take the integers…and take the field of fractions.”
Tiankai Liu: “And what do we call this field?”
Tony Zhang: “The fractional field of the integers.”
“What’s the formula for tan (x + y)?”
Oleg Golberg
“People won’t know what Towers of Hanoi are.”
Tony Zhang
“That’s why there’s no ‘r’ in ‘polynomial.’”
Tony Zhang
“Shit, this hand sucks!…I'm all in!”
Tianren Qi, looking at his hand in Texas Hold’em
“I had to have a finesse work and Thomas be stupid. The finesse failed. But Thomas was stupid twice, and I made.”
Alex Schwendner
“I prefer the Ireland strategy myself. It tends to lead to short games, which I think are my forte.”
Alex Saltman, on Color or Country
“I'm going to pwn you!” “No I'm going to pwn you!” “OHHHHH!!!!!”
Tianren Qi and Ameya Velingker, playing High Card
On behalf of the participants of MOP 2004, I’d like to apologize for the severe shortage of MOP quotes this year. I neglected to nag people about it as much as I normally do, and guess who didn’t make the IMO team this year. –Anders

IMO Quotes

Elli Kossiba, our guide, translating the Pi Mu Epsilon logo
Debbie Loh: “We short people get to use the taller people for shade.”
Tony Zhang: “So Aaron is hot because he’s tall?”
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