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MOP 2004
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MOP 2004 Hall of Fame Awards

IMO Team 2005: Brian Lawrence, Po-Ling Loh, Rishi Gupta, Yi Sun, Ameya Velingker, Eric Price/Sherry Gong [tie]
Coolest Rookie: Aaron Pollack
Coolest Vet: Jae
Most Welcoming: Alison, Jae [tie]
Runner up: Anders
Least Welcoming: Anders
Most Typical: Brian Rice
Least Typical: Dan Li
Best Roommates: Jae and Hyunsoo
Worst Roommates: Tianren and Adam
Most Annoying Freshman: Arnav
Most Evil Grader: Inna
Best Teacher: Po-Shen
Best Lecture: “The Probabilistic Method” by Po-Shen
Best Handwriting: Anders
Worst Handwriting: Chuck
Most Mathematical Name: Jason Trigg
Most Late to Class: Steve Dunbar
Runner up: Tony
Most Blatant Jaywalker: Zuming
Most Likely to be Institutionalized: Brian Rice
Most Likely to be Arrested: Arnav
Most Likely to be PWNed: Tianren
Best End-of-Proof Symbol: Halmos Square
Best Card Game: Bridge
Worst Card Game: High Card
Best College: UNL
Runner-up: Harvard
Best Poker Player: Yi
Worst Poker Player: Tianren
Best Bridge Player: Alex Schwendner
Worst Bridge Player: Thomas Belulovich
Best Don’t Come into My House Player: Steven and Linda (so good that they won without ever playing Don’t Come into My House)
Runner up: Jongmin
Worst Don’t Come into My House Player: Nathan Pfleuger (so bad that he won without even being at MOP this year)
Best Gluck Player: Aaron Pixton
Best Frisbee Player: Mark, Alex
Best Ping-Pong Player: Tiarnen
Worst Ping-Pong Player: Josh Batson
Best Associations Player: Greg Price
Best Mafia Player: Dan Li
Best English: Tianren
Worst English: Tianren
Best Tian: Tiankai
Best Po: Po-Shen
Best Pronounciation: murderply
Runner-up: “pwn't”
Best Test: ELMO
Most Ominous Problem Opening: “(IMO Shortlist)”
Best Theorem: Principle of Universal Lateness
Best Inequality: Cauchy
Best Geometric Transformation: Taking to a dark corner and beating up
Best ELMO: Ending Letter Missing
Best Association: Atrophy
Most Likely to be Unaware of the Definition of Surjectivity: Chuck
Runner-up: Jongmin
Best Olympiad: USAMO
Best Bogus Proof: John’s “Concurrency is transitive”
Best Approxiation: ε ≈ 0
Worst Problem Type: Chinese
Most Influential School: Homeschool
Best Time to Sleep: 2 AM
Best Time to Wake Up: N/A
Best Floor: 13
Best Elevator: Stairs
Best Concurrent Camp: Volleyball
Worst Dining Hall Food: Fried Pickles
Best Location: Piper Pit
What is the Game?: I lost

Prepared by Jongmin, Josh, and Yi

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