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Luke's MOP 2001 Pictures

Welcome to Luke "Use the Horse" Gustafson's MOP 2001 picture gallery, with 200 percent more pictures than last year! Click for enlargement.

Welcome, MOSPers, to Georgetown University, one of the nation's finest schools.

This is where you will be staying for the remainder of the month.

Oaz armwrestles Super Ninja Luke. The winner is, after a long, bicep-ripping match, Luke.

The Tank gets a cheap trinket for a month of hard work.

Yan humbly accepts the Clay Math Award (actual clay) for his brilliant ELMO scratchwork.

Greg's outstanding problem solving skills land him an orange medal in the ELMO.

Yet another picture of Reid's head. Also, Neil gets an apple medal.

Ben wins the ELMO and gets a bannana medal.

While Big Ricky enjoys his somnolence, Pi Guy asks himself, "What would Gambit do?"

Soon, Ricky Biggs is covered in playing cards.

Everyone but Yan enjoying Yan's birthday cake.

Dani ponders his next move in Go Fish.


More Gluck

Umm, how to put this... Luke and Chris not affected by functional fixedness?

MOPpers enjoying quantum, Reimann, and torus chess.

Georgetown's tiny computer room, home of Tony, Alex, and WordRacer addicts. Hey, there's CEVIAN!

When not in the computer room, Alex shows the MOPpers how to catch a frisbee.

Neil and Greg duke it out after the award ceremony with their not-so-deadly guns.

Ricky and Anders, try as they might, will never replace Paul.

Lawrence Detlor makes a cameo appearance at MOP 2001.

The Romanians were introduced to MOP with a typo-ridden MOP test, barely hard enough to challenge the Lacrosse Girls.

Chris flaunts his moldy orange juice and astroturf-scarred feet.

"... Bye, bye, mafia and chi, Titu's lecture, Yan's conjecture, and the guy who knew pi..."

Stephen, Pi Guy, Chris, and I (not pictured) enjoyed some non-cafeteria food after using up all 14 meals.

Reid helps Gabriel with Chopin's Prelude, Op. 28 No. 24.

Unlike most other MOPpers, Ricky decides to sleep at night rather than nap during classes.

Steve plays Russian Roulette with Ben using a loaded TI-83. Chris is probably going to die in the next two minutes.

After hours of math classes, the MOPpers decide to put the chalkboard to good use.
Don't rebut an _____ ___ ____ ______
screw kingly (pi)romaniac ___ trig fruit
___ and mistook some kilts for eleventy-one
_____ quaggas _ing a budding ______
___ ___ ____ ____ ____

drop toGas = naY?
doG asropt = anY?
Since this poorf seams
infusing, lemmaize
two quaggas
and grease your mom
in bed.

Tiankai's last-ditch effort to bring his team some points.

What would MOP be without wings? Hey, where's my Suicide wings!

As we all know, Yan and Ben are bestest buddies.

Tiankai managed to make it through the 4-hour ELMO without attacking Yan, but that's all the longer he could hold back.

Besides being a total ripoff, bottled water is harzardous to your health when Tiankai is around.

You can learn to breakdance while you learn math! (Yan's Team Selection Exam, problem 1 write-up)

Sean's clever page filler for MOP Test 8, problem 2.

Gabriel tries to sound smart by adding a few big words (like "preantepenultimate" and "intermission") to his proof.

Steve proposes a MOP logo that really captures MOP's essence.

Steve's End Of Proof symbol, my End Of Pictures symbol.

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