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MOP 2001 Group Picture


From front to back, left to right:
1st: Alison Miller, Inna Zakharevich, Gabriel Carroll, Mike Hamburg, Steve Byrnes, Tiankai Liu, David Shin
2nd: Yian Zhang, Neil Herriot, Anders Kaseorg, Dani Kane, Yan Zhang, Tony Zhang, Stephen Guo, Michael Rothenburg, David Stolp, Po-Ru Loh
3rd: Ian Le, Oaz Nir, Gregory Price, Ricky Liu, Reid Barton, Chris Moore, Ricky Biggs, Daniel Jerison, Ben Conlee, Sean Markan, Alex Xue, Mark Lipson
4th: Alex Saltman, Luke Gustafson, Dan Stronger, George Lee, Melanie Wood, Zvezda Stankova, Titu Andreescu, Zuming Feng

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