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MOP 2001 Hall of Fame Awards

IMO Team 2002: Tiankai, Greg, Dani, Ricky, Po-Ru, tie: Yan, Mike, Alison, Tony.
Best Quote: tie: "Bufallo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo", "G'luck!"
Best Roommates: Tony / Michael.
runner up: Oaz / Pie Guy
Inseparables: Neil / Inna
Most Alike: Yan / Tiankai
runner up: Yian / Stephen
Coolest Rookie: Ben
runner up: Steve
Rowdiest Rookie: Ben
runner up: Steve
Evilest Vet: Ricky
runners up: Yan, Anders
Funniest Person: Steve
runner up: Yan
Funniest Pair of People: Yan / Tiankai
runner up: Michael / Ben
Nicest: George
runner up: Greg
Horniest: Yan
runner up: Ben
Most Modest: tie: David Shin, Greg
runner up: Tiankai, Sean
Least Modest: Yan
runner up: Ben
Best Smile: Michael, Titu, Inna
Best Mustache: Lawrence
runner up: Mark Lipson
Best Hair: Pie Guy
runner up: David Shin
Best Accent: Zuming
runner up: Zvezda
Best Song: St. Elmo's Fire
Best Singer: Steve
Best End-of-proof Symbol: Gabriel's Gastropod
runner up: Tiankai's Bomb
Hottest Date: The Muffin Man
runner up: Complex Conjugate Roots
Who You Wouldn't Want Near Your Girlfriend: Oaz
runners up: Yan, Ben
Most Likely to Hit on Girls: Yan
runners up: Ben, Inna
Most Likely to be Pulled into a Boy Band: Oaz
runners up: Steve, Yan, Inna
Best Hat: Zvezda
runners up: George, Lawrence
Most Perpendicular: Yan * i = Yian
Best Super Ninja: Luke
Sleeping In: Dan
runner up: Melanie
Best Lecture: Bogdan's "Areas"
runner up: Zvezda's "Minikowski's Space-Time Inner Product"
Best Reiss Room: 103
runner up: 264
Most Annoying Feature of Georgetown: Cards needed everywhere, Bad food
runner up: Distance to classes
Best Excursion: Movies
runner up: Boat trip
Best Movie: Shrek
Best Game: Gluck
runners up: Mafia, Molecule
Best Frisbee Player: Dan
Best Chess Player: Dani
Best Mafia Player: Yan
runner up: George
Best Piano Player: Reid
runners up: David Shin, Gabriel, Luke
Best Gluckers: Melanie / Reid
Best Arm Wrestler: Luke
Best Anagrams Player: Gabriel
Most Likely to Become a Turing Machine: Dani
runners up: Anders, Mike
Best Inequality: Cauchy-Buniakowski-Schwarz
runners up: Titu's Lemma, 1 + 2 + 3 = 4 + 5 + 6 + 7, 11 > 10
Best Chess Variant: Bughouse
runners up: Riemann Chess, Normal Chess, Ping
The Computer Lab is My Home: Alex
runners up: Tony
Best Computer Game: Word Racer
Best Word Racer: David Shin
runners up: George, Gabriel
Best Word Racer Word: PERSPECTIVE
runner up: CEVIAN
Most Likely to Die in the Next 2 Minutes: Tiankai
runner up: Chris
Meanest Grader: Melanie
Meanest Coordinator: tie: Ricky, Tiankai
Meaniest Meany Of Them All: Anders
Best Poem: Steve's Dr. Suess Proof
runner up: Ode to Anders
Being in the Wrong Places at the Wrong Time: Yan
Coolest Mathematician: tie: Gauss, Reid
Coolest Thing EVER!!!: tie: Math, WOP
Best Lemma: Titu's Lemma
runner up: Lemma Nade
Best Obviosity: (duh)
Best Proof: Gabriel's "Lawrence = Austin"
runners up: Mike's (incomplete) mirror-writing proof, Ben's "Proof by Contradiction"
Best Thing to Carry With You at All Times: Neil
runner up: Room Key
Best Concurrent Camp: Romanian IMO Team
runner up: Lacrosse Girls
Best Lunch Line Hogs: Basketball Camp
Best Brianchon's Theorem: David Shin
runner up: Brianchon's Theorem
Best Hand to Write With: Both
runner up: Right
Yan's Successor: No One Can Replace Yan
runner up: Steve
Next Cauchy: Lagrange Multipliers
runner up: Popoviciu
Best Steve: Steve Byrnes
Best Pokemon: Tiankai
Best Mom: Your Mom
runner up: Reid's Mom
Best Mathematical Method: Murderply, Cauchify, Simplify
runners up: Dumbass, Super Magic Box
Best State: Calimass
runner up: Drunk
Best Gastropod: Gabriel
runner up: drop toGas
Best Hall of Fame Category: Worst Hall of Fame Category
Worst Hall of Fame Category: Best Hall of Fame Category

Prepared by Gabriel Carrol, Yan Zhang, and Anders Kaseorg

This website is maintained by Anders Kaseorg.