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MOP 2000 Hall of Fame Awards

IMO Team 2001: Reid
Tie: Tiankai, Ian
Coolest Rookie: David Shin
Runner-up: Yan
Weirdest: Josh
Most Sarcastic: Tie: Anders, Paul
GEB Equivocal
Tie: Yan, Kamaldeep
Best Frisbee Player: Dan
Runners-up: Austin, Yan
Best Roommates: Tie: Paul & Ricky, Josh & Dario
Runner-up: Howard & Po-Ru
Funniest: Dan
Runners-up: George, Yan
Best Hair: Tie: Austin, David Shin
Most Modest: Tiankai
Runners-up: Jeremy, Alex X.
Best Chess Variant: Bughouse
Runner-up: Ping
Best Chess Player: Howard
Runner-up: Po-Ru
Best Anagrams
Runners-up: Reid, Mike H.
Rowdiest Rookie: Josh
Runners-up: Yan, Anders
Best Handwriting: Austin
Worst Handwriting: Alison
Runners-up: Chris, Oaz, Dan
Most Questioning: Anders
Runner-up: Paul
Sleeps Through MOP
Tie: Melanie, Dan
Runner-up: Yan
Most Digits of Pi: David Stolp (370 as of 6/30/2000)
Runner-up: Pi
Most Common Phrase
Heard at MOP:
Runners-up: “Cauchy!”, “Yo! I would like to make the following public announcement”, “Yay!”
Most Evil: Ricky
Runners-up: Paul, Melanie
Most Nice: George
Runners-up: Ian, Razvan
Most Likely to Kill a
Runner-up: Josh
Best Orange: Oaz
Runner-up: Andrew-Shuang-Austin-Oaz
Best Star Wars
Runners-up: T2-D2, Zvezda, David Stolp
Best Juggler: Paul (unanimous)
Best Pokémon: Tiankai
Runner-up: Pikachu
Early Bird: David Stolp
Runner-up: Ricky
Late Bird: Kamaldeep
Favorite Triangle: Elmo Triangle
Runner-up: Pascal’s Triangle
Best Fortune: “Your energy is at a peak. Channel it into fun activities.”
Runner-up: “Simple pleasures are the best.”
Best Lecture: Tie: Titu’s “Treeg”, Zvezda’s “Algebraic Numbers”
Runner-up: Zuming’s “Team Effort #87”
Best Pagan God: Anders
Runner-up: Bowl of Cucumbers
Best Primative Root: 3 (mod 65537)
Runners-up: 3 (mod 7), 2 (mod 3k)
Best Linear
0 * Dan
Runner-up: Andrew + Josh + Dario + Jeremy + David Stolp + Oaz + Austin + George + Shuang + Tiankai - 10 * Gabe
Best Accent: Paul
Runners-up: Titu, Zvezda
Best Operation: Bunching
Runner-up: Murderplication
Most Unpredictable: Yan
Runners-up: Josh, Dani
Best Name Mixup: Yan / Yian / Ian
Best Ordering: Alison Ordering
Runners-up: Well-Ordering, Zuming Ordering
Best MOP Test: #1
Runners-up: #2, #8
Best End-of-Proof
George (collapsed face)
Runners-up: Mike, Reid, Josh, Paul
Best Failed Proof
George (pouty face)
Favorite Theorem: Big Point Theorem
Runners-up: Cauchy-Schwarz, Yan’s Theorem, Erdös-Mordell Theorem, Little Fermat’s Theorem
Favirote Method: Dumb-ass
Runners-up: Coordinates, Complex Numbers
Best Direct Sum: Spoon + Fork
Runner-up: Combat Juggling + Laughing
Best Indirect Sum: The Egg Problem
Runner-up: Abel summation
Best Elevator: Tie: Love Hall, Selleck
Runners-up: Capitol, your mom
Best Mom: Your mom
Runner-up: Pam Barton
Best Dressed: Alex Saltman (“Pforzheimer? I hardly even know her!”)
Runners-up: Zvezda, David Shin
Best Classical Music: Beethovin
Runner-up: Chopin
Best Real Music: American Pie
Runners-up: Heart and Soul, Mario Bros. Theme, Pascal’s Triangle
Best Chicken: Tiankai
Runners-up: Curry, Vector, Chicken Run
Best Movie: American Beauty
Runners-up: Chicken Run, Lola Rennt
Best Card Game: Mao
Runners-up: Twitch, Gluck, Oh Hell, Eleusis
Best Other Game: Mafia
Runner-up: Anagrams
Best Mafioso: Oaz-Shuang
Runners-up: George, Oaz
Best Innocent: Yan
Runners-up: George, Austin, Zuming
Best Proof: Alison’s “Parallel Planes”
Runner-up: Tiankai’s “Fermat’s Last Theorem”
Funniest RTC Proof: Yan’s “Eggs”
Runner-up: Josh’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
Best RTC Scorecard: “(# Buffalo wings / chicken) - (# chicken wings / bufallo)”
Runner-up: “Invert about P”
Best Concurrent
Tiawanese Girls
Runners-up: All Girls-All Math, Football, Thespians
Most Dissimilar: Alison / Kamaldeep
Runners-up: Tiankai / Tiankai
Most Similar: Austin / Lawrence
Best Guitar Player: Andrew
Loudest Guitar
Worst Guitar Player: Andrew
Next Titu: T3
Runners-up: Melanie, Zuming
Most Balls: Paul
Runners-up: Howard, Zvezda
Best 24: Tie: 8 / (3 - 8 / 3), 7(3 + 3 / 7)

Prepared by Ian Le, Oaz Nir, Shuang You, and Andrew Dudzik

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